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The Border Attendant asked us to pull up behind a vehicle that was also waiting after we handed him our information for us and the vehicle. So we did just as we were asked. I fling by door open and call my kids back at home thrilled that we were almost in Guatemala. We waited. And waited. And waited. It seemed like forever and a day since we had been sitting there. I played on my phone and did a lot of people watching, trying to pass the time. The man appeared from out of the building he originally walked in and walked right up to our window that was rolled down. The look on his face looked like someone just told him his dog died. I was a little nervous about what he was about to say to us and wondered why he had the look he did. I knew we were doing everything right, we had done our research for weeks. The words that rolled off of his tongue made my head spin. "I'm so sorry, but without the actual vehicle title, you cannot pass through Guatemala." I have never felt so sick about something in my entire life.

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