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Sweat rolled down my cheeks, not only scared for what we had already come across at the border, but having to face the fact we would be in their world now. I have never been so scared for my life. What made it so damn scary, was the looks they would give us as we would drive behind them trying to get to the border as fast as we possibly could. We didn't care what we had to do, there was no chance in hell we were going to stay in Honduras for the night. We felt threatened.

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For the second time in one day, I could not believe my ears. "There was no one inside the entire hotel . I walked all the way to the beach and could hear the waves and yelled and not a single person was seen. I even knocked on a door that I thought maybe someone was in, and nothing." My mouth dropped. One last attempt, we remember the sign that we saw with the name of the hotel that we thought was turned and we head in that direction thinking maybe it was there where the sign had pointed. We ran into a dead end and a neighbors house. My brave husband got out of the truck and walked up to the neighbors front gate. They happened to be sitting outside so he was able to ask about the hotel just a few feet away. Not knowing much Spanish, he mentions the hotel name and asks 'abierto'? The local Guatemalan man replied with "no, cerado." Which we knew meant "closed".

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The Border Attendant asked us to pull up behind a vehicle that was also waiting after we handed him our information for us and the vehicle. So we did just as we were asked. I fling by door open and call my kids back at home thrilled that we were almost in Guatemala. We waited. And waited. And waited. It seemed like forever and a day since we had been sitting there. I played on my phone and did a lot of people watching, trying to pass the time. The man appeared from out of the building he originally walked in and walked right up to our window that was rolled down. The look on his face looked like someone just told him his dog died. I was a little nervous about what he was about to say to us and wondered why he had the look he did. I knew we were doing everything right, we had done our research for weeks. The words that rolled off of his tongue made my head spin. "I'm so sorry, but without the actual vehicle title, you cannot pass through Guatemala." I have never felt so sick about something in my entire life.

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